Augmented Reality based Car Parking Application for Android


  • K. Dhivya
  • V. Femina
  • P.V. Vishvajit
  • D. Vadiveelan
  • R. Suman
  • K. Vignesh



Today, Augmented Reality plays a vital role in the tech industry. This paper is based on Augmented Reality car application and is an important topic in R&D. This application, enables to place and drive virtual cars in the real world. This paper briefly, discuss about introducing Augmented Reality application for “Android”, because not everybody can afford for an iPhone which has tons of AR applications. This is the reason why this optimised AR car application is made only for Android. It enables to place cars in real world with exact dimensions. The tools used to build this application are “UNITY” and “VUFORIA”. So, it gets easier to see whether a car can fit into a particular place or not, we can see how many cars can fit in a particular place and also, we can drive a car virtually to see whether it is possible to park a car in a congested place. It clearly shows that it saves time to park a car when compared to manual work. The result examined that real world interaction of car using Augmented Reality was successfully executed by placing multiple cars and in the mere future, there will be an update to move the car in all possible directions. It will play a major role in AR based research and also will be very useful for car buyers and also for the car companies.