Better Risk Management of Banks and Sustainability - A Case Study in Vietnam


  • Nguyen Thi Hang
  • Dinh Tran Ngoc Huy
  • Le Thu Ha
  • Do Hong Nhung



Modern advanced bank risk management is a current and hot issue for all Vietnam banks, during the context of industry 4.0. Because of rapid economic growth under impacts of China-US commerce war and effects from Covid 19, as welll as industry 4.0, enhancing roles of banks in Vietnam economic development is becoming necessary. This paper also refers to new perspectives on corporate governance issues that can be applied into bank management. This study mainly use combination of quantitative methods and qualitative methods including synthesis, inductive and explanatory methods for a special case of big listed bank in Vietnam, Eximbank. The results show us that better management of bank need to forecast effects from GDP growth, Industrial manufacturing (IM) and Risk free rate (Rf) on both beta and stock price of Eximbank (EIB), in this case we found out there is positive relationship. Then, we can suggest suitable plans for risk management to enhance the bank roles and sustainable management strategies.