Arduino Controller based Smart Portable Soil Monitoring System


  • M. Kasiselvanathan
  • S. Lakshmi Narayanan
  • K.B. Gurumoorthy
  • N. Subbulakshmi



The Arduino UNO microcontroller based smart portable soil testing system is developed to determine the values like pH content and moisture level. This can be done using the sensor respectively to check the values. The GSM Module which uses the mobile communication to communicate the value to the given mobile. The communication method used here to retrieve the values whenever it is necessary and after getting the values it would be displayed in LCD. Then when the button is pressed, the GSM starts to work, search for the signal and after responding to the signal the values are sent to the registered mobile. This method would be easier to check the value of soil so that it will be viewed whenever the values are needed. It describes that the values are available at our doorstep because it is smart portable monitoring system. This project helps us to create a new idea to do further additional functions that can be done.