Approaches to the Treatment of Diseases of Distal Limb Parts in Cattle


  • A.M. Kovalenko
  • N.V. Yavnikov
  • S.A. Khomutovskaya
  • K.S. Sokolov
  • Slyusareva Yu. E
  • N.A. Belyakova



Mortellaro’s disease affects up to 25% of Russia's cattle, which causes significant economic damage to dairy products. The indicators of the therapeutic efficacy of existing drugs vary, and obsolete agents and schemes are used for treatment. A drug was developed and tested using the technology of liposomal silver nanoparticles (Ag) for treatment of Mortellaro’s disease in dairy cows. By comparison and grouping method, the effectiveness of 5 drug samples at different stages of development of infectious and pathological processes in 5 experimental groups of cows was compared with 2 control groups: Group 1 received no treatment, Group 2 was treated with Solka Hoofgel. It was established that sample 2 of the developed preparation with Ag content of 15 ml showed 92-96% of the therapeutic efficacy in the treatment of Mortellaro’s disease, which is higher than that of the analog preparation by 25%. The drug provides the appearance of granulation tissue in the affected areas as early as the fifth day after application to the damaged surface of the interdigital space and the epithelization of the damaged areas after 7 days of treatment.