Neoflavonoids with implications in neglected diseases: an tecnologica forecasting

George Laylson Da Silva Oliveira, Josué de Moraes, Glaúcio Barros Saldanha, Rizângela Lyne Mendes Freitas, Juceni Pereira de Lima David, Rivelilson Mendes Freitas


The present work aimed to make a technological forecasting about the neoflavonoids and its implications in treatment of neglected diseases (NDs). Thus, this research was carried out through a comprehensive and systematic bibliographic search in articles and patents. The articles were searched in the database of the Periodical of CAPES, Science Direct, Scopus, Pub Med, Web of Science and ACS Publications. The patent research was performed in bases of the INPI, EPO, WIPO, USPTO and SIPO. According to the results obtained, it was possible to observe that the neoflavonoids may be a new source of medications for the treatment of NDs, since were found studies that attributed activity for the treatment of malaria, trypanosomiasis and leishmaniasis. Large part of published documents was in the form of scientific articles and a small part in the form of deposit of record of patent applications. In this way, this work can serve as an incentive of technological innovation for the development of new research involving neoflavonoids, seen that the record number of deposits of patent applications is still relatively insufficient to meet the current demand for technological and scientific innovation with relation to NDs.

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